Drinking water hygiene

The quality of our drinking water is among the best in the world, and this standard is maintained by local water companies. However, undesirable, though non-hazardous, particles can enter the tap water en route from the water supplier to your home.


To protect your domestic system against substances like rust particles and grains of sand, relevant standards (DIN EN 1717) specify that a protective filter must be installed immediately after the water meter.


But very few homeowners are aware of this mandatory requirement.

How do things look in your basement?

Just go down into your basement and check the condition of the water filter behind your water meter:



I haven’t got a water filter


I have an unhygienic water filter that is never serviced

You haven’t got a water filter?

Contaminants can damage your entire drinking water installation and cause the following problems:


 Dripping taps
 Leaks from blocked valves  
 Damage to household appliances that use water 
 Burst pipes caused by pitting corrosion

Do you have an unhygienic water filter or one that isn’t serviced?

Even if a domestic water filter has been installed, the filter element is often not changed regularly.


This can cause serious problems in terms of drinking water hygiene and how clean the household drinking water system is. Remember that this is the water you use every day for drinking, showering, bathing and cooking. When was the last time you cleaned or serviced your filter? Only regular maintenance can ensure that it will always be clean and safe!